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Mortgage Application Approved StampBANKRUPTCY “Bankruptcy is not what you think,” states Attorney Julius Rivera, Jr. “If you are having a problem paying your mortgage or your credit card bills, do not wait until the situation gets worse”.  Call Mr. Rivera now for your free phone consultation.

“People who are having credit issues, are usually relieved when they leave my office” said Mr. Rivera.  “No one should make any arrangements with collectors without consulting an attorney”.

He advises people to call in as early as possible when experiencing problems making mortgage payments and paying bills.  His office will take calls from creditors, handle any payment arrangements, and if necessary, make any pre-planning arrangements prior to an actual filing.



Bankruptcy laws can be used to modify your first mortgage. eliminate your second and third mortgages, reduce your vehicle loan payments and interest rates, eliminate or reduce your past income tax liability, eliminate credit card debt, eliminate liability for over payments for social security and other government debts.


Mortgage modification has developed into a powerful tool as part of a bankruptcy proceeding. The percentage of approval for mortgage modification applications done as part of a bankruptcy proceeding are much higher than outside of the bankruptcy court. The process is overseen by a federal bankruptcy judge pursuant to court order. The banks must attend court-ordered status conferences and report to the judge as to the status of your application. The court will require that the bank act in good faith regarding your application.


Does not have to be a war. Does not have to be expensive, does not have to be drawn out, and does not have to require court appearances provided that both parties are in agreement.


You can legally change your name or of your child by application to a court.

Last Will and Testament documentWILLS

Can be simple and inexpensive and provide for peace of mind.


You can authorize a trusted person to make decisions for you and act on your behalf that will survive your disability or incapacity to act for yourself.


Whether you are buying or selling residential real property, you need experienced legal                        representation to protect your interests. We will represent you and guide you through every                step of the way regarding the purchase or sale of your home.


Owners of real estate can transfer the ownership of their property. You can avoid costly probate proceedings for your family by recording a life estate deed.

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Our New York law office specializes in Bankruptcy, Mortgage Loan Modification, Uncontested Divorce, Deed Transfer, NYS Statutory Power of Attorney, Will, Name Change.

Our Florida law office specializes in Bankruptcy, Wills, Power of Attorneys and Deed Transfers.

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